Frequently Asked Questions About Our Windows

At Carrollwood Window & Door we take great pride in providing our customers with 100% satisfaction. We have been in business for over 10 years.

Below are some common questions asked when replacing your homes windows:

1. Why should I replace my windows?

 - The most common reason is one or more of the following:
a.) Energy efficiency
b.) Security
c.) Noise reduction
d.) Aesthetics
e.) Increase the value of the home
f.) Ease of product operation

2. Can I achieve all of the above by replacing my windows?

Yes! With the recent advances in construction materials, windows have improved dramatically. The advantages are proportionate to the type of glass and window frame material chosen.

3. How much should I expect to spend on replacement windows?

Every home is unique, so there is no easy answer. The price is determined by your existing window sizes, the options you choose, and the difficulty of the installation. We buy direct from the factory and pass our volume discounts to our customers.

4. What do I need to prepare prior to the replacement of my windows?

In most cases nothing! If you have antiques, we may ask you to remove them from the work areas prior to your scheduled installation date. Otherwise our team of professionals moves your furniture and removes window treatments as needed. We use drop cloth under the window area to contain construction debris. As each opening is completed we pick up the drop cloth, vacuum, re-install window treatments and position furniture to its original placement.

5. Will my home need additional repairs after my windows are replaced?

In most cases there is no damage to the interior or the exterior of the home. Our sales staff will advise you of any conditions that are observed prior to quoting your job, if any exist. When extra work is required, we either do the repairs with our personnel or we will refer you to a competent subcontractor. If repairs are done, we do not touch up paint.

6. How long will it take to replace my windows?

Most homes can be completed in one day. If additional time is needed, we will advise you during the quotation stage.

7. If the weather changes during my window installation will my home be exposed to water intrusion?

Typically, we only have two openings at a time without windows installed. We keep a watchful eye on the weather and will adjust our methods accordingly.

8. Will I need to be home during the window replacement?

We prefer that someone responsible for your home be there. It is helpful to resolve any issues should they arise. Only you can make decisions that will affect the final results.

9. What about my security sensors attached to my current windows?

In most cases our technicians can reinstall security sensors. Our sales representative will address this when you receive a quote.

10. Is it reasonable to expect a trade-in value for my old windows?

We believe your best and fair price should be your first price. No gimmicks or tricks, just honest fair and reputable pricing.

11. With so many companies claiming to be the best, how do I know which one to use?

There are several ways to check a company out. Check with the local Better Business Bureau for former complaints. You can go on line at to check how long the company has been in business and the officers. At Carrollwood Window & Door, Inc., we pride ourselves with our 32,000 square foot warehouse, our 18-truck fleet, our company-trained installers, 10 years in business, and the level of expertise within our management staff. In fact our founder and president was active in AAMA, which creates the methodology and specifications for testing of window products. OUR CUSTOMERS OPINION IS OUR REPUTATION!

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